Therapeutic Services

“When there is a little ice on the water – just a little – anybody can break it. But when it becomes a glacier, it is just like a stone – hard rock. It cannot be broken. Then, if you keep putting warm water on it, no matter how hard the ice is, slowly it melts. If you keep putting hot water all the time, a time may come when all the ice will melt.”

These services are provided for those who have come to realize it is time to heal their old wounds, self-destructive behaviors, impaired relationships, etc. If you are at a point in your journey where an encouraging word or professional point of view would be beneficial, then this is yours. If you have been wondering about what to do next, or how to get over that last thing you did, then this is yours. If you are not at peace, unhappy, disillusioned, or otherwise not centered in your rightful place of joyful security, then this is yours. 

One on One Sessions

Email Correspondence

Reiki and/or Chakra Healing

Kartikeyan Yogic Healing

Group Interventions

Tarot Reading

All services are offered on a donation basis.

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