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KenJos and Family

KenJos and Family

This is where I’m supposed to make a case for my expertise by listing my qualifications and experience. Very well. I am licensed as a professional counselor in the states of Georgia and New Jersey. I have worked in some part of the social services field for nearly 20 years. I have gathered experience from numerous settings (inpatient and outpatient hospitals, schools, non-profit agencies, government offices, private practices, etc.), age groups, and populations (substance abuse, depressive and anxiety disorders, behavior disorders, psychosis, etc.).  I have also had the privilege of teaching graduate students in the art of therapy.

More important than any of those things is my sincere and deep desire to serve others. There is a reason social services have been a focal point of my life. I used to think it was just a career choice, something I was good at and could make a living doing. But my personal and spiritual development has revealed to me a deeper meaning behind this urge to be with others in need. All of the qualifications I’ve listed are merely a function of my soul’s desire to grow by spurring growth in others, to heal by healing others, to love myself by giving that love to others. I am very good at this.

The past few years have provided me with the space I needed to grow into someone who is able to purely serve others, with no monetary motivation included.  I am proud to set myself apart from the established pay for services vehicle of professional emotional, spiritual and psychological intervention.  I am able to offer myself — my gift, my talents, my experience, my knowledge, and my love – freely, with completely pure intentions.

I wish to be with you on this path of life and love, or suffering and joy, of shedding old layers and discovering previously unknown parts of yourself. We are all on the same path, “walking each other home.”

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8 comments on “About Me

  1. Nomzi Kumalo says:

    Home. A lovely word. Pleased to meet you. 🙂

  2. lauriesnotes says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog. Wow. I like how you worded that. When searching for someone to walk with me, I have relied on my heart more than qualifications..As I find my own place now and look at more ways to reach back, I will say something like this as well I think.

  3. prayingforoneday says:

    Thank you for the follow..
    Followed back..


  4. I’ll be following you. Thanks for your site. It exudes warmth and positive energy. Looking forward to checking back in.

  5. Noel says:

    Very nice. I share the same interest as you. I am also a Licensed Counselor from Florida. And my job helps me to serve others in need, which is my reason for being on Earth. Keep sharing.

  6. “…walking each other home.” Hmm. Beautiful thought.

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