One Quote, One Card: Comforters

“God does not comfort us to make us comfortable, but to make us comforters.” — John Henry Jowett



How appropriate!

Zen Pencils has a wonderful cartoon “Make Good Art” in which the writer implores the reader to channel all of their frustrations into various creative endeavors. No matter what you feel or how you create, simply “make good art” and be comforted through that process. I appreciate the other side of this practice, in which the art we create to comfort ourselves may end up comforting others as well.

At times I look look around the internet and think the last thing we need is more content and more voices saying the same things in different ways.” In these moments I consider ending this blog, leaving twitter, and being internet silent. But I always come back to the fact that the number of people committed to being positive and uplifting while remaining personal and human is few and far between. As a matter of fact, in this arena, I would venture to guess there are more people committed to complaining, harassing or otherwise agitating than it is the other way around. If I am so comforted by the peace of my practice, wouldn’t it be selfish and harmful to keep it to myself? 

So I keep trying to figure out creative ways to say “be beautiful and dance.” It may not be art in the traditional sense, but it’s what I got.

This is a good message for whoever may be reading these words and is struggling with finding some comfort. If you can remember the times in which you were comforted in the past, go comfort another in the same manner. If you cannot remember such a time, well, Make Good Art — the cards say Poetry is a good place to start.

May you live the life of a poet. May you be comforted and comforting.



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  1. janetkwest says:

    When I was in Christianity I always counseled people, and I guess I still would, that when you’re lonely, go out and be kind to someone else. It doesn’t help in all circumstances, but sometimes it does wonders. Thanks for staying. I enjoy your writing. Thanks for sharing.

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