In Which I Ask For Your Help and Participation

Greetings Everyone,

I need your help. Well, “need” is a strong word here. Better said, I would greatly appreciate your help with some things. Hmmm…I am finding the word “help” is also a little too strong. Let’s go with: I would greatly appreciate your participation in a couple of a things. Yeah. Let’s start this thing over.


Greetings Everyone,

I would greatly appreciate your participation in a couple of things. As you know, Katy and I manage a group on Meetup called “Creating Space.” It is our mission to offer quality spirituality centered gatherings at little to no cost to participants. To help support this mission I have launched a TeeSpring campaign to raise funds. These funds will cover Meetup’s membership fees and the cost of venues for various activities. Please take the time to consider buying a shirt and/or spreading the word about the campaign to your friends. All you gotta do is say: YES or click the logo below.

Creating Space



I feel like I should have started that paragraph with a “Usually I don’t do this, but…” disclaimer. Oh well, too late.

The second thing I need from you is BeBeautifulandDance related. It’s been put on my heart to offer a series of intuitive/inspirational messages using Zenju’s Earthlyn Manuel’s Black Angel Cards. The series, to be delivered on Mondays, will be titled “One Quote, One Card.” Don’t worry! This will not replace “Things I Learned…” but will be used in its place on those weeks I have nothing specific to say about myself (which, as you can tell, is rather often). Who knows, maybe some weeks I’ll do both. Anyway, here’s where YOU come in. I need your quotes. Send me the words that have inspired and challenged you throughout your life; send me scriptures, poems, song lyrics, graffiti, bumper sticker wisdom, anything at all. You can send it anonymously or just leave a comment on this or any of the upcoming One Quote, One Card posts.