Stories/Koans/Parables: A Heathen came to Hillel

A story from Osho:

A heathen came to Hillel — a great Jewish mystic — and cynically asked him:

‘”Teach me the whole Torah while I stand on one foot.”

Now this is impossible; the Torah is a big scripture, it really takes years to understand it. And this cynic, this skeptical person, says to Hillel:

“If you have understood the Torah then give me the gist, the summary, the essential. While I stand on one foot, you tell me all that is in the Torah.” 

And this skeptic had been to other mystics also — but they must not have been mystics; they were great theologians, philosophers, thinkers, pundits, scholars. They all had refused. They said,

“This is impossible; the Torah needs years of study, a lifelong study. And the Torah cannot be condensed into a few sentences — that will be sacrilege. It is not possible.” 

But Hillel agreed, and answered immediately:

“Do not unto others as you would not have others do unto you. This is the whole Torah — the rest is commentary.” 

Then Hillel dropped the mic and carefully folded his arms around his chest.

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