#ThrowbackThursday “Why So Serious” Feb 2011

There is a commonly known truth that is so rarely discussed in our culture I almost hesitate to bring it up in a public forum. This truth is so profound and fundamental to our existence, I am often perplexed that it is not a topic of conversation on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, I would go so far as to say that the human race (as much as I know of it) is in a state of active delusion, attempting to believe this truth does not exist.  It is akin to ignoring the law of gravity or even the air we breathe.

It is missing in our literature, our pop culture, and our music. I can barely recall it being mentioned in any of the books I’ve read, songs I’ve heard, speeches given by Presidents, High School Valedictorians, or sermons from the pulpit, not even during Satsang where we “sit in the company of the truth.”  Sometimes I feel like I’m making it up myself because no one seems to be aware!

But there have been a brave few, just a few, who have at least commented on the reality of our situation. And of these few, I don’t think any have said it better than our dear friend Joe Rogan.

Yes, Joe Rogan, Fear Factor host, standup comedian, martial arts champion, UFC color commentator, Prophet.

In his hilarious comedy routine “Talking Monkeys In Space,” Joe tells the Truth like so:


Allow it to settle upon you just this once.

In terms of analogies:

Human Beings are to The Universe as Pieces of Dust are to Human Beings

Now in terms of being beautiful and dancing.

The events of our lives are always filtered through our perception, point of view, and perspective.  The Delusion would have us believe that what’s happening in our world is of the utmost importance, that the rest of the universe isn’t really significant, and everything that is happening everywhere is happening around, through and to Us. This creates a seriousness within us. We become emotionally disturbed when things aren’t going our way, because we are the universe; we become nervous when we don’t know what’s about to happen, because we are the universe; we are afraid of things that may harm us, because we are the universe. Furthermore, the delusion tells us we know more than we actually do. And we all know how we get when we think we’re right about something. But actually our knowledge, if you can even call it that, is severely limited when all of existence is taken into account. Even those people who spend their lives and careers researching things to know and doing high-tech/high-price scientific speculations will quickly admit that when it comes to whatever all of this actually IS, human beings have not even begun to garner an intellectual clue.

So we are not all there is in the universe and we don’t know a thing about what’s really going on.  We’re just the dust. And the universe is going to continue to unfold even if we don’t make it to that meeting right on time, so be beautiful and take it easy on the guy who’s driving slowly in front of you.

And the universe still expands, even if we’re holding our breath in anticipation, so dance with excitement for the unknown.

And the entire universe, when viewed from the grandest of perspectives, is just One Thing. YOU ARE THAT ONE THING, just as much as the stars in the night sky and the worlds we will never know.

One Thing, in harmony with itself, cannot cause harm. So Be Beautiful. Dance. There’s nothing to fear here.



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  1. Noel says:

    Like Socrates said : “All I know is that I don’t know anything” . Like you said, we are dust in the middle of the universe… We are insignificant compared to every thing around us. And yet we like to think we are superior to other organisms. We deceive ourselves with the delusion of ownership , dominance, and independence. We like to perceive ourselves as intelligent and wise. But we are insignificant. Until we realize our true nature in this vast universe , we will not experience a truly full life. And wisdom .

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