“I Love You, Try Again” (Jan 2010) #TBT

Be still and know

OM Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya

Every new day is Life’s way of saying, “I Love You, Try Again.” So when I wake up in the morning, I must give thanks.

And when I’m granted another friendship or relationship because let’s be honest, I’ve never given all of myself to anyone enough to really make something work, Life is saying: “I Love You, Try Again.”

There are those who believe that being birthed into this world is just Life giving us another chance to achieve completion: “I Love You, Try Again.”

Every job, every inspired thought, every minute of every hour of every day, Life is loving me and allowing me to keep trying. And for these things, I must give thanks.

I’ve often responded from a place of lack or anger or greed when processing through the pain I have been entrusted with. But Life continues to provide me with more difficulty to learn from, more pain to grow through. Softly whispering all along: “I Love You, Try Again.”

But more than that, I must not squander the lesson. For Life loves me enough to keep me supplied in breath and to give me these Divine Do-Overs. I must remember this when I feel I have been transgressed against by others. I must learn how to be disappointed, let down, dismissed and dismayed but still have the clarity to say “I Love You, Try Again.”

Life is not afraid to keep betting on me, therefore I shall not be afraid to keep betting on everyone around me. There is no fear in Love.

Most importantly, I need to learn to see myself with such forgiving eyes: Oh Kenneth, how many wrong turns have you made? May I look at myself with soft eyes and full heart, understanding the nature of my process and say “I Love You, Try Again.”

A simple lesson, and I give thanks.



2015 Update: I wrote this Five years ago (Five?! What is Life) and usually I have to edit #TBT posts but nah, I stand by all of these words still today.


2 comments on ““I Love You, Try Again” (Jan 2010) #TBT

  1. Denise Walker says:

    Today is the day that I enter an era of new thinking.

  2. Noel says:

    Very soothing and refreshing … Life should be perceived as an opportunity for growth.

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