Stories/Koans/Parables: “87 Problems but getting Free ain’t one”

One day, as the Awakened One and his monks came into a small village near the Nepal border, a man ran towards the group and  prostrated before them. The Awakened One helped the man to his feet and asked, “What can I do for you?” The man looked him in the eye with great admiration and said: “Great One, everyone knows you are a holy man, a master, a divine creature.” The Awakened One interrupted the man: “True True, and so are you! But please go on!” The man looked puzzled, but continued: “Great One, I am sure you can help me with my problems. My daughter wants to marry a poor man, my son is lazy, my crops do not earn enough to feed my family. My body aches, my wife is jealous, my mother and father recently died in a fire and left no inheritance. Please help!”
The Awakened One looked him straight in the eye and said: “You, like all of mankind, have 87 problems. I cannot be of any help to you with any of these problems.”
The man looked bewildered. “But, but, but – you are the Enlightened One!” “Ah, maybe so” the Master replied, “but I still can’t help you with your 87 problems.”
Now the man grew irritated. But before he could say anything, the Awakened One said: “But I can help you with you 88th problem!” “My 88th problem?!” “Yes,” said the Awakened One, “your 88th problem is that you do not want any problems. It is that you cannot accept the fact that you will always have 87 problems, very much like any other human being.”
Then the Awakened One dropped the mic and walked off stage.
Be Beautiful — know that YOU are the holy one, the master and are divine
Dance — accept the music that is life with all of the horrible beauty it has to offer
That’s all I been tryin to say….

3 comments on “Stories/Koans/Parables: “87 Problems but getting Free ain’t one”

  1. ViewPacific says:

    I didn’t see that coming, well not quite in that way.
    I do feel a bit lighter now with one less problem…

  2. Steph says:

    Christ on a bike that was great!

    • kenajos says:

      For a moment I thought you were responding with a parable of your own that begins with Christ riding a bicycle….now I have to search for such a story…lol

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