Right now.. Friday 5

This post lives up to the blog’s name…I was inspired, so I will now share the inspiration. May you be present.

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Hey Inspiring Souls.. We hear so much about being in the moment.. That is often easier said than done. I have a few ways I practice this (practice wayyyyy far from perfection) A prompt I love to help me check into the moment is.. “Right Now” this can be responded to in many ways.

  1. Write what you are hearing, smelling, feeling, seeing right now
  2. Respond with Right now I need…
  3. Snap a photograph (and I love to jot what is happening related to or surrounding that photo)
  4. Be open to what intuitively comes up after you say.. Right Now.. There just might be a message in there for you!
  5. Stop, close your eyes, take a deep breath and just soak in even for 15 seconds what your right now is..

My response to a few of these..

2. Right Now I need.. To trust, show up and nourish myself and…

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  1. toliveinspired says:

    Thank You for sharing, I am glad you were inspired! Blessings- Heather

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