Rumi Moment of the Week — Sebul Arus


The poem that was Rumi’s life ended on this day, Dec 17, in 1273. He died at sunset and that night was named “Sebul Arus” (Night of Union); it has been honored with festival and tribute by dervishes since then. As you read the words below, try to imagine the serenity that came with ending a fulfilled life, like going to bed at night following a full day of sincere, challenging, and meaningful work. The kind of work where there was no time or room for you to worry about what others thought, or whether you were good enough, or even whether the job would actually get done. You can only work and see what you have at the end of the day.

Die Before You Die

O Generous Ones,
Die before you die,
even as I have died before death
and brought this reminder from Beyond.

Become the resurrection of the spirit
so you may experience the resurrection.

This becoming is necessary
for seeing and knowing
the real nature of anything.

Until you become it,
you will not know it completely,
whether it be light or darkness.

If you become Reason,
you will know Reason perfectly

If you become Love,
you will know Love’s flaming wick.

~ Rumi