Rumi Moment of the Week: Forgiveness Doors We

Shorter Rumi: May all beings be forgiven. May all beings forgive. May all beings drown in their own being.

But maybe you’d rather just read the full poem 🙂

a great sheikh has lost two sons, yet he is not
weeping. his family

and his wife wonder at this lack of grief. “do not
think that i am cold

and uncompassionate. i don’t weep because for me
they are not gone. the eye

of my heart sees them distinctly. they’re outside of
time but very close by here

playing and coming to hug me. as people sometimes see dead
relatives in dream, i see

my sons constantly in this waking state. i am even more
deeply with them when i hide

for a moment from the world, when i let the sense-perception
leaves drop from the tree

of my being. i weep for those who have ungrateful souls.
i weep when boys throw stones

at dogs. i weep for dogs who bite for no reason. forgive
the harm that anyone does.

we are here to be a forgiveness door through which freedom
comes. i weep when i ask

that the door not be shut.”

some attend to individual
mercies and some to universal

grace. try to let them merge. pond water eventually arrives
at the ocean. one saint works

and lingers in the lakes of personal life.

another plays
without limits in the sea.



Just let that sink in



2 comments on “Rumi Moment of the Week: Forgiveness Doors We

  1. Steph says:

    You got me at the end with picture. Beautiful message.

  2. C.J. Penn says:

    Beautiful… thank you.

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