Rumi Moment of the Week: Hush, Don’t Say Anything To God

You are my sornaa..of the music

You are my sornaa…don’t say anything about the melody.


See my ashen face,

feel my ceaseless pain,

and don’t say anything to God.

See my bleeding heart,

my eyes flowing like a roaring river,

all that you see, let it pass you by,

and don’t say anything to God.

Last night, your spirit came to the house of my heart,

knocked on the door and said,

come on, open up,

and, hush, don’t say anything.

I bit my hand when I saw you,

I said, ‘yearning for you is all too painful.’

He said, ‘I belong only to you,

let your hand drop

and, hush, don’t say anything.’

He said, ‘you are my sornaa,

you can’t cry without my lips touching you.

Wait, for I will play you like a harp,

until then, about the melody,

don’t say anything.’

I said, ‘stop dragging my soul all over the Earth.’

He said, ‘any place I take you, come quickly,

and, hush, don’t say anything.’

I said, ‘how can you ask me to keep quiet,

when I know you will invite me to dance

amidst the flames,

to let go and embrace the fire that is your Love,

how can I not say anything?’

He smiled like a rose in full bloom,

he said, ‘come into the heart of fire.

There you will see

what you thought was a flame,

is only jasmine.

What you thought was heat,

is only a leaf on a tree.

What you thought was a blinding glow,

is only a bed of tulips,

walk right in,

and, hush, don’t say anything.’

Flames turned into a talking rose,

the heat cradled me in its gentle arms,

it said, ‘except of the kindness,

and generosity of the Beloved,

don’t say anything to God.