Stories/Parables/Koans: Asking For Tea

There’s a story about a couple of actors who were performing a long running play. There was a scene in which the character asks for tea and on cue the audience would laugh and laugh and laugh. Well after doing the play for a while, the audience response got less and less remarkable. The actor went to his director and remarked: “I’m not getting that laugh I used to get when I asked for the tea,” and his director replied,

 “Maybe if you ask for the tea instead of the laugh, you’ll get it.”



 Listen, I know the feeling of really wanting things to “go my way,” to turn out how I planned, to be executed perfectly, to crave a certain outcome. I know this feeling well…it seems to be somewhat natural, maybe it comes within the coding of these bodies we wear. But this feeling, this urge for things to be a certain way, sets us up for so much failure. We get so focused on the ‘end game’ that we forget to PLAY the game in the first place.

“Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy”

What unbelievably excellent advice!

“Enjoy” — forget about how it’s supposed to be and relish in what it is!

“Enjoy” — forget about what you want and take care of what you have!

“Enjoy” — forget worrying so much about where you’re going; your joy and peace and freedom is right here…Turn Towards It!

I catch myself asking for the laugh all the time. When Maya decides he doesn’t want to get in the car seat and would rather play around in a parking lot for a while. When Katy just *doesn’t get it* and I’m struggling to explain myself to her. When the winter is here and summer is far, far away. When I’m working, or writing, or exercising, or driving — and thoughts of being some place else inevitably drift into through the mind. When I see myself asking for the laugh (asking for an outcome) — I stop, take a deep breath, and remind myself of what is Here. Now.


Silent Heart.



Very good things.