Stories/Koans/Parables: An Unrecognizable Life Pt. 2

He was recently diagnosed with cancer and found himself in a Traditional Chinese Medicine office. He brought along his wife, as he’s done for every medical appointment he’s had since finding out. They sat across from the old doctor, explaining each of the interventions they’ve already tried. After they were done with the niceties, he looked up at the doctor and asked the question that most bothered him: “Why?”

“Why did this happen? HOW did this happen? How did I get here? Why did my body fail me? What does this mean?”

The doctor nodded and compassionately replied:

“Yes, we can go down that road. We can pull apart each of the causes and conditions that led to this. What you’ve done, who you’ve been, the things you’ve seen, activities you enjoy. And balance that discovery with who you’re not, the places you avoid, and the activities you ignore. We could do that. And at some point we will need to concede that the answer to your question is Everything; within and around you, before and after you, everything contributes to your answer.

Or we can do the other thing: We can design a new life for you — an unrecognizable life — in which what used to be for you, no longer is…and this new version of you consciously creates a desired outcome, with the help of Everything within and around you, before and after you.”


What to say about this story?

If there is energy enough to complain and inquire, then there is energy for change. Last night, a client of mine realized how drastic life changes have come from taking a stand to be “part of the solution.” She’d spent 20 years IN the problem, feeding it, supporting it, hoping it would change. But it wasn’t until she came into the knowledge of her own power to make a change, did things begin to move in a better direction. Today she lives an unrecognizable life from just two years ago.

So I challenge you to take a step back and determine how you can create a life that is unrecognizable to your current self. Finally lose that weight? Take that class? Change jobs? Leave town? Take regular vacations? Go dancing?!

What is your Soul longing to become?



“Who I used to be, aint who I need to be.”


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  1. ViewPacific says:

    Wow! Thanks for the inspiration. Indeed, you make it seem so simple and clear. Do we need to wait until something seems to threaten our life? Or, can we follow your lead and begin now in becoming what long to be?

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