Things I Learned — The Summer Of ….

I like my Summer’s to leave the way my toddler leaves the playground: Kicking, Screaming and Fighting to hold on for one more turn on the swings.

But alas, Summer 2014 will be recorded in history as going out like a punk. I’m not judging, I’m just saying…a couple of more pool days would have been nice.

Not that I took advantage of the summer time this year as much as I have in the past; come to think of it, I don’t really do much of anything like it’s been done in my past.

THIS was supposed to be the summer of sitting on patios and reading great things! A feat I was able to accomplish a grand total of three times.




Instead this was the summer of reconnecting.


The summer of being fed up.


And the summer of going deeper into being at ease with the way things are.



I also learned how to touch into the Complicated-Simple  truth of the phrase:

“I couldn’t be better.” 



And you, what did you learn this summer?