Things I Learned — So Far This Summer

I haven’t been on retreat since December; not even an at home do-it-yourself situation. This flies directly in the face of all the plans I made at the beginning of the year for quarterly get away retreats and monthly “days to myself” where I could would just meditate and study.

Oh well.

There’s an old saying that’s making its way around twitter these days — #LifeComesAtYouFast— calling for a renewed awareness of the fact that while you’re busy making plans, Life-God-TheUniverse still has a lot of input about what’s really going down in your life. So be prepared.


This has certainly been the case for me so far this summer and generally throughout 2014:

We traveled to Atlanta to witness a great man get married:


photo (4)

celebrated Maya’s 3rd birthday

photo (5)


traveled to Atlantic City for a family reunion

photo (6)


welcomed Xhoja for her annual summer sabbatical to NJ

photo (7)


made new friends (Hey La!), lost old friends, and so forth and so on.

Now that being said, there’s always time for practice because that is what we put first. And someone somewhere had a wise moment when he/she said: “You don’t have to make time for what you put first.”  Creating Space continues to meet regularly and is inexplicably growing, we are also in the planning stages of starting a non-profit, and I have never been as close to being constantly on purpose as I am right now.

Life is moving fast, so for now my “retreats” are looking a lot less like this:

images (1)

And more like this:

photo (8)


Enough about me….what are some things you’ve learned so far this summer? This year?