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I was all set to publish a great Rumi poem about following your soul’s guidance but then #wifewednesday happened on Twitter and I cannot, will not, won’t ever, turn down the opportunity to give it up for my wife. I wish I had the time to go into these verses but alas, I do not because I am due to see this lovely Creator of existence in about 20 minutes. So please read Rumi’s words and see if they apply to any or all of the exceptional women in your life. He says: 


There’s a tradition that Muhammad said, “A wise man
will listen and be led by

a woman, while an ignorant man will not.” Someone too
fiercely drawn by animal

urges lacks kindness and the gentle affections
that keep men human.

Anger and sharp desiring are animal in qualities. A
loving tenderness toward

women shows someone no longer pulled along by wanting.
The core of the feminine

comes directly as a ray of the sun. Not the earthly
figure you hear about in

love songs, there’s more to her mystery than that. You
might say she’s not from

the manifest world at all, but the creator of it.

~ Rumi


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