All I Can Taste Is This Moment

I saw a young man at the gym wearing a t shirt with these words spread out around a silhouetted dancing figure: 

“And all I can taste is this moment” 

It stopped me in my tracks and I almost crossed the line into gym creep by staring too long. But I fiercely wanted to get the story of that shirt, to know what it means to him, to speak to him about the depth of that image. 

To thank him. 

But alas, I have strict rules about engaging people in idle conversation while they are working out. So I moved on, but the effects of that figured paired with those words did not. I was then reminded of something I read on twitter from a most talented and devoted poet, @Ameenaleah, and I knew I had to share.

Tuesdays are for dancing, and this is why…Her words:  

There are rare and precious moments where it seems a window opens in our soul and we find clarity. We see challenges, obstacles, changes, not as defeating but as an experience that will better us, strengthen us. For me, these moments often happen on the dance floor. There is something magical and almost sacred about [music] – the deep baselines and tribal influences. When we are completely in tune with the music, not a thought in our mind, and no idea where the next beat will take us…then we are in touch with our own spontaneous perfection, releasing any and all mental and physical blocks. This, to me, is dance as a path to enlightenment and connection to each other, the Earth, and our Soul. I found that authentic meditation is being completely awake and open to what is happening in the present moment. Recognizing thoughts as just thoughts and repeatedly return to an open heart and mind. These moments of gratitude are unforced and natural. Real reflection is effortless; unforced because we’re purely opening up to what is already there. Natural awareness and freedom and positive energy. Vibrancy and radiating and sharing energy with others through




May all beings be happy. May all beings be at peace. May all beings Dance. _/\_