Something Beautiful



“One powerful elixir is beauty. There is nothing quite like beauty. When you bring beauty and grief together, you can’t look at it, because it’s so sad — and you can’t look away, because it’s so beautiful. It’s a moment of being transfixed, and the key is turned in the lock.”


Tell me what is happening in your world…share something beautiful that has you transfixed, healed and open — for every one you share, I’ll share one in return…

Sat Nam.



5 comments on “Something Beautiful

  1. Katy says:

    I spent an entire day aware of how much my husband loves me. 🙂

    • kenajos says:

      Which day was this?


      I woke up this AM with no back pain..2 days in a row! It’s been months since that’s happened. 🙂

  2. […] affair with despair and dancing frantically with several Sufi poets in response.  There has been beauty in grief and feelings of the place of forlorn. There also has been the inspiration of not just somewhere, […]

  3. seeingm says:

    A little cotton tree seed blew into my hand through the open window of the car I was sat waiting in a few days ago. I realized it had been sent to me on a gust my direction by a homeless drug addicted woman who was walking by the car. She stirred the air around her and this little fluffy treasure floated in the opening. This woman had lost all her teeth and the ability to be present in a shared reality and to see this little aerodynamic miracle of new life searching for a home to be planted all in the form of this fussy seed. It was beauty and grief all in one movement of air. -x.M

    • kenajos says:

      Wow M. Wow. You have a way of experiencing the world that blows me away.

      My share: I went to a drum circle / open mic and the first act was a guy with a homemade flute, a singing bowl, and a chakra meditation to recite. That dude was beautiful. And his name is Joe. Joe Beautiful.

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