Rumi Moment of the Week — When Presence Comes Over Your Soul

This is the last poem I read to Xhoja before she left us last Saturday….I do not know why…maybe because it encapsulates everything Rumi is about: presence, love, dance, emptiness, and Shams. If I had to point to one poem that illustrates the celebration that is called “The Path” or “Spirituality” then it would most likely be this one: 




Soul, Heart, And Body One Morning

There’s a morning when presence comes 

over your soul. You sing like a rooster


in your earth-colored shape. Your heart

hears and, no longer frantic, begins


to dance.. At that moment, soul reaches

total emptiness. Your heart becomes Mary, 


miraculously pregnant, and body like a

two-day-old Jesus says wisdom words. Now


the heart, which is the source of your

loving, turns to universal light, and the 


body picks up the tempo and elegance of

its motion. Where Sham-i Tabriz walks


the footprints become notations of music

and holes you fall through into space.