Things I Learned — Back to Life Back To Reality


It was all good just a week ago!

Now Xhoja’s gone!

Me and Maya all alone! 

*end scene*

The Good Ol Days  (last month)

The Good Ol Days
(last month)

Anyway, on to the weekly theme…here are a couple of thoughts and ideas  I picked up this weekend that are worth sharing:


I almost couldn't believe there was a book with this title..then I was like "well of course there is."

I almost couldn’t believe there was a book with this title..then I was like “well of course there is.”



1) Star Wars Dharma

I got Katy and Xho to stop watching Ugly Betty just often enough to introduce all six Star Wars movies to their deprived brains. We finished Episode Three on Saturday morning and I noticed something interesting. Obi-Wan and Anikan are unknowingly running alongside the evil Sith Lord, thinking they are freeing him, when they helplessly fall into a rather simple trap. Obi-Wan says: “How did this happen? We’re smarter than this.” 


You see, the Dark Side of the Force clouds judgement and awareness, making it difficult for even fully trained Jedi Knights to tap into their power. This is no different than our own personal dark sides, or the Shadow personalities Carl Jung described. Without thorough investigation and self-inquiry, we unwittingly carry the past (hurts, conditioning, trauma, disappointments, perceived failures, etc.) into the present, thus hampering our ability to make clear decisions for current predicaments. 

If Obi-Wan and Anikan had known they were in the presence of the Sith Lord, they would have been able to better prepare themselves for the limitations that comes along with it. Similarly, when we are aware of the dark passenger (sorry Dexter) that is always traveling with us, then we are capable of making better choices in our lives. 

Very good for a young padwan like myself. 


Michonne: because there's not enough pop culture references in this blog post yet.

Michonne: because there’s not enough pop culture references in this blog post yet.


b) Wielding the Sword of Awareness

The phrase “Wielding the Sword of Awareness” was born during the Creating Space Spiritual Chat session yesterday. As soon as I heard it, I knew exactly what it meant and I even had an up to date personal illustration of how it is done: 

I cried myself to sleep on Friday night. But before I did, as a result of this constant practice of being aware rather than being “me” I immediately identified more with watching the person crying than the actual crying. This gave me the space to contemplate the nature of my feelings, the circumstances contributing to the sadness, and the environment I was affecting. I noticed that of course I’m sad about my daughter leaving the next day, of course I will miss her, of course I’m so pleased and proud of her, of course of course of course. At this point, I gave myself permission to go all the way into the feelings, to cry it out, and not be so concerned with watching the one who is crying.

I dropped Xhoja off at the airport the next day and there is one other father there, dropping off his younger son as well. I got all emotional once again (my lack of thug has been well documented on this blog), and go sit on a bench to let it happen. But yeah, the practice of awareness brought me back to seeing what was happening rather than being in the happening. I surmised that if I was feeling emotional, then that other guy was probably feeling the same way — and since I have accepted the duty and task of being a help to others during difficult times, this moment would be best used by going to talk to him and share in his experience. So that’s what I did. 

Through these experiences I learned how awareness gives me the space to choose how to respond in situations. And with that space I can wield it to either delve into emotions and receive the benefits and trials of that experience, or I can set aside real and valid emotional states to be Purposeful in my interactions with others. 

 That’s that. 


Maya and I spent the whole day pretending like we didn’t have an awesome third musketeer for the past 2 months, and I’d say everything was pretty much back to normal. I guess back to life, back to reality ain’t all bad….is it Katy?