B4PEACE — What Needs to be Said

July's Prompt: Write a letter for peace and send it out into the Universe

July’s Prompt: Write a letter for peace and send it out into the Universe


I used to be pretty good at writing letters. Then the internet came along. And although everyone agrees there is “something intimate and sacred about letters,” none of us take the time to actually write or send any. So it is an appropriate challenge for the peace bloggers to take our writing back to the primitive form of putting pen to paper, paper in envelop, stamp on envelop, and envelop in mailbox.

Maybe “intimate and sacred” is correlated with “effort and time.” 

I decided to write a letter to my grandfather, who has been hospitalized and not conscious for nearly the entire month. I figured it would be a good idea to say some of the things that I haven’t said, that needed to be said. As I wrote the letter it occurred to me how often I let things go unsaid, either because I ignorantly believe there’s time to say them, or because I contrive some weirdness around speaking from my heart to family members. Then it occurred to me how heavy it feels to carry these unsaid things around, good or bad, and the peace that comes from releasing them appropriately. 

The Peace of saying what needs to be said. 

So let this be a behavior modification for us:

May we freely speak our hearts.

May we share good news with one another.

May we be comfortable with our expressions.

Now it’s on you….what do you need to say today? 




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One comment on “B4PEACE — What Needs to be Said

  1. seeingm says:

    “Stuck” in NYC working during part of the window of time my Grandmother in Idaho (my Papa-san’s mama) was preparing to make her exit off the earth stage and on to the next adventure some years ago now, I too wrote a letter and faxed it to her at the hospital. My father ended up reading it out at her funeral.

    What wonderful reminders in this post K.

    I miss the physical hugs from her here, but I often now can sense her presence as having joined part of the wind beneath my wings.

    A big hug sent to you and all in your family, during what can be a challenging time of our Elder’s transitioning. Kudos to you for having the courage to say what longs to be said from outside of time, “in” time. -x.M

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