Things I Learned — Zimmerman Verdict Weekend

Social and political commentary is not my lane, so this is not the place where you will find meaningful input to that discussion. The purpose of the spiritual practitioner has been made very clear:


Jesus said:

seek ye first the kingdom of God

Buddha said:

the secret is to live wisely and presently in the present moment

Mooji says:

find out who you are and toss everything else into the fire

Nisargadatta said:  

Abandon the false and you are free of pain; truth makes happy, truth liberates

Amy Oscar says:

find the love in every moment

Rumi says:

beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing there is a field, I will meet you there

Guatam says:

you cannot find a steady happiness in a changing world, the only thing that will not give up on you is the Self

Candace said: 

Everything that happens is a call to awareness. Everything.

And I say:  

In this world of duality there will always be troubling news, injustice, dissatisfaction. Peace is found in Awareness, Truth, Love


This place we have found ourselves born into does not come pre-programmed with a certain morality or fairness. Whenever our expectations are not met, or our feelings get hurt, it is a wake up call —

‘oh yeah, there is suffering here, my only hope is to move beyond this suffering.”

When the outside world does not conform to our greatest desires or ideas of justice, it is a wake up call —

“oh yeah, I have been distracted, there is internal work to be done.” 

So what did I learn after hearing the news of the verdict on Saturday night? After sitting in the dark, tears on my cheek, heart pounding out of my chest, mind racing, trying to figure out what I was supposed to do with this information? 


“Just keep giving me the good stuff and you can do whatever you want”

1. First I learned that I am attached, uselessly attached, to an abusive system. And as badly as I want to name the political/social/economic structure known as The United States of America as the abuser, it is in reality all of Samsara that keeps me clinging. I crave comfort, entertainment, deliciousness, acceptance, and safety… I chase it and am willing to forgive almost anything as long as they remain readily available.  America is just the drug dealer, she effortlessly supplies me with the distractions of my choice. 


2. The second thing I learned is this weekend was a wake up call to action. As I have said, social and political movements are not my lane, but if they are yours, then you have been called out. If your lane is science, then you have been called out. If your lane is literature, mental health, sustainable gardening, or a burning quest to rid the world of child pornography, you have been called out. ALL of us have been called to step up our efforts. I learned that the work I am doing is too important to be treated with the lack of urgency I was taking. A storm is coming. I need to get myself and my family in shape if we are going survive it. That means I need to carry out a passionate revolution within myself. If the system is abusive then I will leave it behind so I can finally be with Rumi in his field, and dwell with Jesus in God’s kingdom, and sit with Candace in Awareness, and stay with Guatam and Mooji as the Self. I honestly don’t know how this will happen, or through what efforts it can be achieved, but this weekend woke me up.

I’m still figuring out what I learned this weekend, it may take a while. How about you? What did you learn over the past few days?