Rumi Moment of the Day


Shorter Rumi:

Allow me to reintroduce myself, I Am Majesty! 

Or in other words:

If Anything is God, then Everything is God…so what is your problem? 

Enjoy the full poem below:

Every second a voice of love comes from every side.

Who needs to go sightseeing?

We came from a majesty, and we go back there.


Load up.

What is this place?


Muhammad leads our caravan.

It is lucky to start out in such a fresh breeze.


Like ocean birds, human beings come out of the ocean.

Do not expect to live inland.

We hear a surging inside our chests, an agreement we made in eternity.


The wave of that agreement rolled in and caulked the body’s boat.

Another wave will smash us.

Then the meeting we have wanted will occur.