Why We Dance


Stepharee said: “you have become permanently synonymous with dancing. Every time I watch [my daughter] dance with reckless abandon, it reminds me of your free spirit.”

Well Hush My Grits! That’s one of the best compliments a guy like me could ever receive, it inspires me to continue being awesome. It’s also one of those compliments that reminds me of why I live/dance so freely. So I decided to make a list:

Why I Dance

1. You ever go to a party and you wanted to dance but since no one else was dancing you didn’t dance? Well you wouldn’t have that excuse at any party we attended together. You are welcome.

2. Someone went through the trouble of making and/or playing music, therefore I will excitedly demonstrate my gratitude for their efforts.

3. One day I will not be able to dance. I may be too old and frail, or just sickly, or lose my legs in a tragic polar bear accident. Also, I am sure to die. Therefore, in honor of the many days that exist in the future where I will not be able to dance, I vow to get it all out now while I can.

4. Words are often not enough. When I want to show real appreciation, joy, or excitement, I will break out into one of many trademarked Happy Dances.

5. It is a great meditation.

6. Dancing is my metaphor for living a surrendered life. To dance means to allow, to go with Life,  and to do it with appropriate emotion. Surely there are just as many sad dances, and angry dances, and confused dances, and awkward dances as there are happy ones. Be Beautiful and Dance means going into each of those with present love and awareness. There is nothing to crave in the dance and nothing to push away. The truth of who we are comes out in the way we dance.



Now, why do YOU dance? 


One comment on “Why We Dance

  1. Stepharee says:

    How delightful! I feel so special, I’m gonna dance a little jig. And you know I don’t really dance unless libations have been ingested.

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