Rumi Moment of the Day — Karma Yoga Sufi


What is a better way to address this week’s unintentional theme of Karma Yoga than digging into what Rumi has to say.  The following is an excerpt from “Fundamentals of Rumi Thought: A Mevlevi Sufi Persepctive.” 

“…leave one’s concerns to God, judgement of the outcome is not [our place]. A human being’s work and struggle may not lead one to success all the time. Human beings should not be discouraged by their failure, should not let themselves go, and become idle. They have to keep on trying and struggling. Therefore Rumi says:

“To work without any gain is better than sleeping.”

Iqbal (a disciple of Rumi) also wrote:

“Even if you produce something rarely, since it is the result of hard work it will be counted as a good deed even if it is a bad one.”

In all his books Rumi refused fatalism and recommend conscious initiative, work, struggle, and endeavor. In Rumi’s books the wind of action and life always blows, it is not tranquilizing but awakening:

“If the tree had mobility, if it could move from one place to another with its head and foot it would not have to suffer the chastisement of the saw and endure the wounds of the axe.”

Rumi constantly recommends action and struggle. In another poem he says:

“Don’t stay idle. Travel from yourself to yourself.” 




What about you? What are your thoughts on selfless service, renunciation, and working only for the sake of work?


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  1. nessa1313 says:

    We atrophy if we do not do.

    Flash 55 – The Accidental Gardener

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