The Karma Yogi Dance

We dance on Tuesdays — but I am inspired to follow up on yesterday’s question:

“Who is your favorite Karma Yogi?”

There was only one response, but it was a very good response so praise Shiva.

"When I think Karma yoga I think action. IMO we see this a lot in the Christian tradition. Maybe we could nominate Mother Theresa or someone like that. Someone that’s made their life out of service or seva, carrying the burden of others."

D’accord! Mother Theresa is a top notch answer to this question and so here are a few things she had to say about the yoga of selfless service — and a brief translation of each: 


This dance of life isn’t about what we will get out of it in the end but rather what we’re adding to it on our way to the end.


Even if you’re just doing a little two step — Commit to it!


You’re not always going to win the dance competition — but at least get on the floor and see what happens.


Life is a tough dance partner, you never know what you’re going to get — again it’s not about getting, it’s about dancing. Just dance baby.


The fruit of dancing is sweat. And sweet satisfaction.


Don’t let your guard down — just because you can’t hear the music doesn’t mean you can stop dancing.


No need to judge whether this situation is more worthy of dancing along with over another — just dance through it all.

What is your dance like today?