Things I Learned — June 10

All white cast: All black soundtrack

All white cast: All black soundtrack


1. Hollywood’s up to its same old antics and also you gotta pay $1 more for movies 

Movie hopping is an old favorite past time of mine. I’ve spent the better part of two decades perfecting the art. I used to love going to the movies but nowadays not so much. There are only so many times I can watch the same stories get told by the same people over and over again before my intellect cannot fathom the empty mental calories. Also, sup with the avoidance representing brown/black people in positive roles? I saw SIX movies on Saturday and I can count on one hand how many brown people were reflected in a positive manner. Most of those roles were in one movie (The Internship). So yeah, going out to see 2-4 movies per week has gone down to 2-4 movies per season.  




But who is this "I?"

But who is “I?”


2. Who is this “I” that I speak of? 

I was minding my business yesterday, contemplating awareness and such, when I got stuck at the same door once again. “Who is this ‘I’ that keeps saying it is aware?” Just haven’t been able to feel into that answer. 

But then later on in the day I came across this blog post, in which he says: “If there is no lasting reality in the objective world, and “I” am a part of that unreality, that illusion, then who’s hanging around asking these questions? I’m not the body, not the mind, not the “I”…who or what knows this?!”

That was a very nice key to my door. 




I will take this time now to thank everyone who blogs beautiful and thoughtful things. Every time I scroll through my Reader I find a new insight, a new point of view, or a new way of thinking, that provokes and brings me back to myself. So this bow is for you:





Yogi Blues...KenJos on lead vocals.

Yogi Blues…KenJos on lead vocals.

3. Avatar Yoga 

Was doing some random thinking and the mind landed on this:

Jesus was an avatar and master of Bhakti Yoga

Krishna was an avatar and master of Jnana Yoga

Buddha was an avatar and master of Raja Yoga

…since these are the three avatar dudes I mostly reference, it is not surprising that I could not think of a fourth (well known) avatar dude to slide into the Karma Yoga slot…I thought it would be a good homework assignment for all of us…Who do you think fits the bill? 


4 comments on “Things I Learned — June 10

  1. seeingm says:

    One of my drugs of choice years ago was sneaking away from the world and taking myself to the movies. I loved settling into a dark, cool theater by myself and just letting the screen wash the reality of my life away. However, I am with you. I have come to a place that the standard Hollywood bog roll out wreaks of piffle. 🙂

    I have not once set foot inside a movie theater in over 4 years! There is a time that if you had of told my past self that this would happen, she would have thought you to be crazy. I don’t think Hollywood is getting worse though. I think I am just getting better.


  2. Hanuman Dass says:

    I’ve thought about this all day. I’m at a loss. I don’t know, are there any traditionally held karma yogi’s? When I think Karma yoga I think action. IMO we see this a lot in the Christian tradition. Maybe we could nominate Mother Theresa or someone like that. Someone that’s made their life out of service or seva, carrying the burden of others.

    • kenajos says:

      You are right. My first thought of Mother Theresa always takes me to the love she professed — but that was always in the context of serving others as an expression of that love. Very good call.

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