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May's Challenge: Make it about Art

May’s Challenge: Make it about Art

Art has been a nemesis for all of my life. When I think of ‘art,’ I immediately think of the failed art assignments and projects left in my wake during elementary, middle and high school. I think of the terrible attempts at drawing that have led to several Pictionary losses of the past. I think of the Humanities classes I took in high school and college and how everyone else seemed to “get it” except for me. 

When I read Kozo’s message about Art being the focus for this month, I instantly thought, “well I’ll just do something different than everyone else. No biggie.” 

But alas, here I am, typing about Art…in a blog with the words “beautiful” and “dance” in the title…it’s not supposed to be hard right? 

Well over the course of this month I have (not coincidentally) encountered a number of messages that fit right into the subject of Art and Peace colliding, so I will share a couple of those messages with you. And I will end this post with my own artistic submission. It is something I’ve wanted to do for the community I live in — and this month’s challenge provides the perfect opportunity.

But first, Vonnegut: 


Someone in the Soul Call group posted that a few weeks ago and, well, YES! 

Now, something I read earlier this month from Ken Wilbur: 

“…I am reminded of what all superior art has in common: the capacity to simply take your breath away. To literally, actually, make you inwardly gasp, at least for that second or two when the art first hits you, or more accurately, first enters your being: you swoon a little bit, you are slightly stunned, you are open to perceptions that you had not seen before….when we look at any beautiful object (natural or artistic), we suspend all other activity, and we are simply aware, we only want to contemplate the object. While we are in this state, we do not want anything from the object; we just want to contemplate it; we want it to never end. We don’t want to eat it, or own it, or run from it, or alter it: we only want to look, we want to contemplate, we never want it to end.” 

“The Eye of Spirit” 

Now that’s peace. 

*sidenote  — The title for this blog post “that thou art” is directly taken from the often quoted Sanskrit sentence “Tat Tvam Asi.” The meaning of this saying is that the Self – in its original, pure, primordial state – is wholly or partially identifiable or identical with the Ultimate Reality that is the ground and origin of all phenomena. But how cool is it that the word “art” is used here also? It’s as if we are all an artistic impression of God — each one of us and every single thing in existence is a piece of art that is meant to describe or define Supreme Reality. The universe as we know it: every star, galaxy, solar system, black hole, and the contents thereof is an infinite gallery of art. How about that? 

And now for my artistic debut. I drew this on the large rock around the corner from our place — I’ve had an urge to draw something on here since we first moved here two years ago. Here’s to a splash of peace in the neighborhood: 



Alright now, what are your thoughts on the intersection between Peace and Art? 


**sidesidenote: Maybe you would like to see what a real artist came up with for this month’s Peace challenge…in that case — pick up what Pam Tanzey put down on her blog

5 comments on “B4Peace — That Thou ART

  1. Kozo Hattori says:

    I love the Vonnegut quotation. I also LOVE your Namaste rock. What a wonderful way to spread peace in your community. Keep on Keepin on, K. {{{hugs]}} Kozo

  2. kenajos says:

    Thank You M. Very good stuff.

  3. pamtanzey says:

    Wonderful! I love your post! I love the awesome quotes you found and how you adorned your rock! Thank you for including my blog post!
    p.s. I’m terrible at Pictionary.

  4. seeingm says:

    Who has the power to decide what is and is not art and who is and is not an artist? Here is an introduction to M and the artist and art that she is… it is why I started a blog (it has been art and dance from the very beginning :)):

    I adore the idea of treating ones entire life as one big art project… we are the ultimate medium and the art created by living life then takes many forms. I daily become poetry in motion. It is created as morphing, shifting and even at times removing artificial layers that were ‘educated’ on to me which became filters I see/create through distorting and sometimes blocking direct access to what I truly am. Peace for me then, is the natural state of being and art is the movement of that peace as it is expressed in the world through and as the life of M. All I create then is absolutely art because it is infused with the peace I am.

    Just one example of what the idea of art as poetry in motion can be:
    http://seeingm.wordpress.com/2012/03/20/poetry-in-motion/ (N referred to is my husband, Neil)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the art of your Namaste rock. What a lovely transitory visual reminder until the rain comes and dances the message on. The hand that touched that rock with that chalk is the moving kinetic (or should that be ‘Ken’etic :)) sculpture that is wearing a woven tapestry of Nasmaste as an unique energetic signature of K being, creating and moving in the world. You are that beautiful splash of peace in your neighborhood… and what a stunning work of art in motion that is!

    A medium I often also use as a pallet for the artistic expression that is M is my home environment. I make the peace and love that I am manifest in the nest we call home:

    Here are a few other artists I love. They too are infusing and transforming their peace and the love it creates into objects to be shared in the world:

    Looking forward to diving in on the work of art that absolutely is Be Beautiful and Dance! -x.M

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