Rumi Moment of the Week — Restlessness



Anyone else out there feeling a little restless lately? A little off? Off center and insatiable? 

Spring is the season of change so it is helpful to remember that whatever we are feeling is just a function of the moment — it is not a definition of who we are or the lives we are living. It is no coincidence that I have been receiving a number of messages over the past few days about restlessness  discomfort, and disharmony. I am being reminded that these things are just movements within the play of Life and are to be endured with awareness. 

Rumi reminds us that with awareness, even as we experience restlessness, we are always already at rest.




Anyone who genuinely & constantly

with both hands

looks for something, will find it.

Though you are lame & bent over,

Keeping moving toward the friend.

With speech, with silence, with sniffing about.

Stay on track.

Whenever some kindness comes to you,

Turn that way, toward the source of kindness.

Love-things originate in the ocean.

Restlessness leads to rest.



2 comments on “Rumi Moment of the Week — Restlessness

  1. Stepharee says:

    Perfect timing ! This is spot on. I’m not sure how I have time to be restless but it’s been under the surface for sure. Thank you!

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