Things I Learned — Memorial Day Weekend Edition

Killin Them

She’s Killin Them

1. Reasons Number 8 and 9 why Indian Weddings may be the Greatest

I was getting my Seva on at the temple again on Friday, this time for a PRE-Wedding Party. Apparently this is one of the many rituals and celebrations that continue for several days prior to the ceremony (reasons 1-7). These people had a jamming good time with a live band and catered buffet..but reason number 8 on my arbitrary list of reasons is, of course, the DANCING. On three separate occasions the party turned into everyone-dance-in-a-circle-around-the-statue of gods-for no less than 30 minutes . It was awesome! And towards the end of the party they broke out some kind of rhythm sticks and started their own version of line dancing. Again, awesome. 

Reason #9 may be why these celebrations cannot be matched: Baby Girls Dressed in Saris. 

There was a beautiful 5 year old girl at the party wearing an orange sari who slayed the whole “let’s get dressed up” game. She had it on lock! 



2. Sometimes in Love and Life you have “to take and L”

One of the simpler ways of living a beautiful life is knowing how to say “yes” to the things you want to do and “no” to the things you do not want to do. This practice will directly lead to an increase in emotional happiness (not to be confused with being happy) and a decrease in frustration, regret, and  despair. My commitment to the practice of only doing what I want to do is something my wife simultaneously admires and despises. 

So imagine her surprise when I volunteered to drive with her to Perth Amboy this weekend to visit her family! I usually use that time to do my favorite thing of all time: be by myself. But alas, there are times when we do things to make our partners happy; even if it means sitting in a room full of elderly Dominican women speaking Spanish way too fast for you to ever understand what is being said for hours on end. 

Also, this is neither here nor there, but I’ve never seen such a large picture of white Jesus in the middle of someone’s living room before. I bet it gets creepy at night: photo (3)



3. Abundance Update Week 2

Last week I gave a lengthy abundance update and since the hits keep coming, I figured I’d follow it up with part 2:

1) The interview I had on Wednesday went so well I was offered the job on the spot and attended orientation for the position on the very next day.

2) I was given a free bottle of red wine at the liquor store basically because the guy felt good about the brief interaction we had while I was buying a bottle of white wine.

3) I received a $20 for volunteering this weekend, something I would normally turn down but since I’m in the flow of receiving I decided to accept it and just give it back to the universe as my own donation to someone else. 

That is all I have for now but what about you…what did you learn this weekend?  And where is Abundance showing up in your life? I would love to about it from you…especially You…