Share Something Beautiful


Take the time to share something that is beautiful about you today.

Leave a message in the comment field and I’ll reply with one of my own.

That will be our dance today. 


9 comments on “Share Something Beautiful

  1. Katy says:

    My beautiful: After many years of searching for beauty outside of my soul, and being disappointed each time I have finally found some acceptance in who and what I am right Now. I will never be more beautiful in this moment, despite what my outside looks like, because my heart is opening … and opening. This is the main beauty I continue to strive for.

    • kenajos says:

      You humble me with your presence.

      My beauty: I must improve. No matter how perfect I already believe myself to be, which is rather perfect, I have an innate drive to get better at being myself. It is fantastic.

  2. Many Little Drops says:

    My beautifulness: I love to laugh, smile, giggle & make others do the same.

  3. Stepharee says:

    I love my zest for life and that when anyone tries to stifle it my stubbornness kicks and I say “come play with me!”

    • kenajos says:

      Beautiful! Thanks for sharing…my turn:

      I have proven time and again that I can do anything I set my mind to, and because of that I am living a dream of a life.

  4. Joanne says:

    This is such a difficult subject for me. I respond deeply to beauty and I’m sitting here crying because I can’t think of anything physically beautiful about myself. Let my beautiful thing be that when you trusted the world enough to reach out to it I trusted you enough to reply.

    • kenajos says:

      That is certainly more than enough. Faith and Trust are two of the most beautiful aspects of humanity.

      My beautiful share: as I read this message I could feel your despair and I held it inside of my heart. And for a moment I was with you, and we were the most beautiful people to have ever lived.

      Thank you so much for giving that to me.

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