Things I Learned — May 20

This Is How I’m Living

1. Abundance Testimony

Last month someone suggested a group focus on creating more abundance for everyone in the Soul Caller Circle. I decided to join in by celebrating their abundance updates, clearing space in my world for the universe to fill up as it pleases, creating a gratitude plan to share with others when my cup runs over, and putting myself out there a little more often without expectation but with full intention of being in place when abundance decides to show up. This has been going on for a little over a month and it didn’t dawn on me until Saturday afternoon, when my wife sent me an excited text about a completely unexpected refund from the IRS casually appearing in our checking account, that I have been experiencing an abundance of abundance for a few weeks now:

A blog post I wrote was acknowledged by Trifecta for being one of the top three entries last weekend;

I told the universe I wanted to do more service for others and the temple has begun requesting my services more often AND my elderly neighbors upstairs have finally set aside their pride and are allowing us to take care of some things for them;

the produce grocers cheerfully run to the back of the store to package and mark down fruit and vegetables for me that are on the verge of being taken off the shelves…I don’t have to ask anymore, they just see me coming and do it!

I ordered a half-gallon of raw milk from the co-op but they delivered a full gallon instead.

I won a random drawing to receive an 8×10 matted photo from participating in Joy’s Heart Whispers course

My son had a costly dental procedure done a few weeks back and the doctor said he had to do less than anticipated so they refunded 15% of what we paid. 

And finally, after 3 years of not having a job in NJ, TWO agencies are looking to interview me and are likely to hire me on my terms (my fulltime job is and will remain stay at home dad!)

Maybe these could be considered small things, but wouldn’t it be negligent not to celebrate each and every one?Abundance feels like this: realizing how everything is already taken care of — knowing that even in the leanest of times, I am unimaginably blessed.


Like This When I Grow Up

2. Harmonica Blues

I decided to take the Yogi Blues up a notch by learning how to play the harmonica. I’ve never played a wind instrument before in my life so the breathing out while holding my tongue against various holes thing has been a daunting task all weekend long. 

Katy took little pity: “oh no, you can’t master something within minutes of picking it up…how terrible.” 



3. What Generosity Looks Like

Speaking of the Soul Caller Circle, Amy Oscar is offering the beautiful course as “Pay What You Can” for the month of June. I will tell you this is the best deal I’ve seen since I was in college and the Whopper was $.99 for a whole semester. It MAY be the best deal since the US robbed France for the Louisiana Purchase. 

I directly benefited from Amy’s generosity in the past and will do all I can to sing her praises while recommending this course and subsequently the group of Life Lovers that comes along with it. 

If you find that you’re waiting on a push, or can’t quite complete the picture of your personal purpose, then answer the call and sign up in June. 


It was a great weekend…we are gearing up for a lot of changes in our home and routine in the coming months so keep us in your prayers and we will certainly do the same for all beings everywhere. Namaste.