Rumi Moment of the Week — Love Everything



I love everything. 

I continually move my attention back to this place because the illusion this world’s importance is so strong. It is dangerously easy to get caught up in the ideas of me vs. you and wrong vs. right. The mind says there are just some things that are inherently wrong, terrible and unforgivable. And yes, that is the certainly the case when your awareness is centered on the physical plane. But I encourage you, if you ever get the chance, to move your attention away from the physical world and see for yourself the infinite reality that exists before, along with, and beyond what we call the ‘real world.’ In this place, all is well and everything is beautiful. 

Rumi says “the fault is in the blamer, spirit sees nothing to criticize.” The blamer is the one that suffers, but there is peace in the field beyond right and wrong. It only takes a brief moment of clarity to create enough space to see the divine play is working perfectly…just as it is. 

We all share the same practice, whether you name yourself Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Pagan or MonkeyDropist; ours is the path of loving everything. This is true because no matter how you name God, the physical world that we take so seriously is merely a ripple within that Source. It is like the shiver that runs down your spine when you see something really cool or freaky or lovely or scary.

We are the shiver running down God’s spine. 

And She says to us “there is nothing that is not me, be silent.” 





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