Things I Learned — Goodbye April

I only have two things to say about this past weekend…there was going to be a third entitled “Jesus was bout that life” but I think that topic merits a full blog post of its own. At least.


I'll just lay here while you manipulate my skeletal structure.

I’ll just lay here while you manipulate my skeletal structure.

1. Chiropractor! 

In the year of our lord Nineteen-Hundred-Ninety-One I began having sporadic bouts of moderate to severe back pain. I was 16 years old at the time and was never the kind of kid to cause a fuss by telling my parents about injuries, needs, thoughts, or desires. So I suffered through it. I continued to suffer through it as an adult, partly as a result of not having medical coverage, not trying to pay the copay when I do have coverage, the hubris of youth, and frankly because it just became another facet of “who I am.”

It is amazing the things we will settle for just because we arbitrarily identify with them. 

But this weekend, thanks to Groupon, I finally got a professional chiropractor to X-ray and diagnose this aching back! Although I’m not pain free yet, I know exactly what the problem is and the doctor is fairly certain we can take care of it. 

Hopefully we can do this within the three pre-paid visits because, umm, that copay:  aintgottime



2. “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World” 

Hey! I am seriously trying to figure out why nobody told me this would be a movie worth watching. I was in tears when the closing credits began and I had to wake Katy up with hugs and kisses because I LOVE HER SO MUCH! I even had a minor twitter rant about this love…that’s how far up in my feelings this movie left me.  

It is possible that we are all just looking for a friend for the End of the World…one person we fully and completely want to lie next to when the inevitable last moment arrives. This movie helped me realize, again, that the naturally human search for true companionship has been fulfilled in this life. She is the Rumi to my Shams, the Parvati to my Shiva, the Michelle to my Barack, the Beyonce to my Jay-Z.  

I probably took it too far there.



 all she had was oatmeal and one Bowie record to last her all summer