Olivia and NeeNee

When ItStartsWith.us challenged its members to “tell someone’s story this week,” I felt excited about finding and getting to know some unsuspecting stranger and reporting all of their good news on this blog. Since then I have had some excellent opportunities to connect with other people. There was a 72 year old grandmother, looking no older than 45, who told me about her 27 yr old grandson living with his parents “but it’s ok because he’s still young and he has more opportunities for enjoying himself and figuring out who he wants to be.” I agreed.

There is another older woman who sits on the bench off the side of the road right before I turn onto our street. If it’s not freezing cold she’s there, with a coffee mug by her side and a smile on her face.

I also considered getting nosey with one of the strangers I played against in words friends this week. I’m part of a daily tournament so everyday there’s the chance to get a personal perspective about happenings in different parts of the world.

But when I went running yesterday I came across two little girls holding up signs that said: “Stop” and “Performance”

I run for time on Fridays, trying to decrease how long it takes to run a mile, but my heart is way too soft to just jog past such excellence. I was rewarded with this:

I tried to gather information to tell their story but you would be surprised to see how shy they are when they’re not performing or trying to drum up business. So here are some facts:

Olivia and NeeNee are really good friends, but they wouldn’t say ‘best friends’ who hang out with each other every day. They are both 11 years old. Olivia is an only child and NeeNee has a younger sister. They stand on the corner from time to time, offering services for money, some of which gets donated to the A.S.P.C.A.

This is probably not the best story I could have told this week, but it is the one that made me smile the hardest.



I passed by their corner again today and now they're selling lemonade!

I passed by their corner again today and now they’re selling lemonade!