Things I Learned — A Parable

This story really makes me consider the things I actually surrender to in my life.

This story confronted me with the truth of what I have actually surrender to in my life.




A Prince went to a hermitage to pay his respects to a sage.

He prostrated before the holy man.

The sage promptly rose and prostrated to the prince.

The prince was bewildered.

He recoiled and pleaded, “O Master, how could you do such a thing?”

The sage asked in turn, “why did you prostrate to me?” “

Because you are a man of renunciation,” rejoined the prince, “you have given up this world which we are all running after. You have attained Godhood.”

The sage softly enquired, “which do you consider superior of the two — world or God?”

“God, of course,” the prince replied.

“Then, do you realize,” continued the sage, “I have only renounced the world but you have renounced God! Who has demonstrated greater renunciation?” 


— taken from Vedanta Treatise: The Eternities by A. Parthasarathy





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  1. Katy says:

    Just last week an older Spanish insured gave me some wonderful sage advice, “There are those worshipping and winning the earthly quest and those worshipping and winning the God quest, which are you?”
    He reminded me to take all earthly matters more lightly, because they are really not my main concern. Your blog reminded me of this.

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