Rumi Moment of the Week — Alchemy



Very often I am referred to as a ‘positive’ person, and just as often I am silently accused of overlooking the difficulties of life when preaching my truth. But this is not the case. I know that life contains heartbreak, disappointment, failure, loss, and an often overwhelming yet underlying sense of suck that Buddha calls “dukkha.” In the Bhagavad-Gita, Krisna goes out of his way to repeatedly refer to the world as “impermanent and unhappy.” Even Jesus tells it like it is when he said, “in the world you will have trouble…” 

Do not be mistaken, I am personally aware that life is not all beds and pillows. 

I am also aware that the Masters do not let the story end at our troubles though. Buddha says there is dukkha AND there is a way out of dukkha. Krisna says the world is unhappy BUT the Supreme essence of all things is eternal bliss. Jesus says there is trouble in the world YET he has shown how to conquer and overcome the world. At the core of all life’s troubles is our ability to go through tunnels of turmoil and come out changed on the other side. 

The process and end product of our transformation is unknown — the Alchemy of our God-selves only becomes evident through practice, not theory. Standing at the precipice of disaster, agitation or distress, we have a choice:

 We can choose to see it as the trouble it seems to be — or the as the opportunity for growth it is meant to be. 

Rumi knows what I’m talking about….










 “Learn the alchemy true human beings know. The moment you accept what troubles you’ve been given, the door will open. Welcome difficulty as a familiar comrade. Joke with torment brought by the friend. Sorrows are the rags of old clothes and jackets that serve to cover, then are taken off. That undressing and the beautiful naked body underneath is the sweetness that comes after grief. The hurt you embrace becomes joy. Call it to you where it can change. A silk worm eating leaves makes a cocoon. Each of us weaves a chamber of leaves and sticks. Silk worms begin to truly exist as they disappear inside that room. Without legs we fly. When I stop speaking, this poem will close and open its silent wings.” — Rumi


8 comments on “Rumi Moment of the Week — Alchemy

  1. Rumi’s words give us wings…thank you! Here is one on my blog:

  2. Very well said. Simple and straight up. Thanks!

  3. KymmInBarcelona says:

    Yes: our ability to go through the tunnels of turmoil, and not just sit wailing at the entrance!

  4. kdillmanjones says:

    I really enjoyed your take on the prompt, the alchemy of a self. Very nice. Loved the Rumi reference.

  5. steph says:

    That which does not kill us makes us stronger, as Nietzsche will have us believe. And I do believe it. But I prefer the way Rumi says it.

  6. Draug419 says:

    I agree with this. Difficulties have to be met and you have to push through them to the better things on the other side!

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