Things I Learned — March 25


Holi Family

Holi Family


1. Holi Moly

We attended our first Holi celebration at the local Hindu temple this weekend. I don’t think I’ve seen Maya laugh and play for as long or as hard as he did while dangerously running around with 100 other children in the inflatable bouncing ride. Katy and I ate delicious food, and she FINALLY agreed to let me create more Indian inspired dishes at home. Now that I know how to “play Holi,” next year I’ll be sure to go all out!


First time someone called me colored and it wasn't offensive

First time someone called me colored and it wasn’t offensive

2. Scandal!

Katy and I watched the latest episode of Scandal on Friday night. Man oh man. I feel like I’ve done a great job of detaching from television in general, but this show has gotten so good that I find myself getting a little excited about it from time to time. The writing leaves something to be desired but it makes up for that in, well, SCANDAL. This last episode produced a new saying within our home:

“When you are in YOUR feelings you don’t care about someone else being in THEIR feelings.”

And that’s the truth.

Being somebody, anybody at all, is suffering.

Being somebody, anybody at all, is suffering.

3. “How did I get myself into this mess?”

I stole that reflection after reading this blogpost because it perfectly reflects what I was going through last night. Katy and I got into an argument about nothing and as I drifted off to sleep I wondered to myself “how did I get myself into this mess?!”

And of course it all boiled down to my insistence on being a person which then meant I had to take a stand. As soon as I dropped the person and met the situation with love (as I’ve been doing more and more lately but I guess I just had an attitude last night), it was easy to just let things be as they were. When there’s no person to defend, everything flows perfectly around me.

Have no worries, Katy and I kissed and made up…of course!


So what about you…What did you learn/do/experience/remember this weekend? I’d love to know.