Things I Learned — March 18

Ignore the random shoe on the table next to the cake..

Ignore the random shoe on the table next to the cake..

1. Dominican Cake is quite tasty…but don’t tell Dominican’s that.

The family traveled down to Perth Amboy this weekend to celebrate my mother in law’s birthday. Both Katy and her sister insisted that there is no postre better than Dominican cake. I made the mistake of opening the freezer to check for ice cream to accompany the cake because, you know, that’s how it’s done right? Katy gives me the most incredulous look and says “we do not insult the Dominican cake by adding ice cream….stupid American.”  I may have imagined the ‘stupid American’ part, but it was definitely implied. So I tasted the cake, and yes it is good, but I am sure I would not have made it out of there in one piece if I had not played up the delicioso-ness of it all. In case you are ever confronted by tiny Dominican women with cake from their homeland, make sure they know you know that there is no greater cake in all the world.



2. Walking through the mall doesn’t have to hurt after all

Katy and I spend a lot of time in seclusion from the world. I get to do it more often because of my awesome status as house-husband. When I go grocery shopping, nine times out of ten it’s early in the morning when no one is around. maya and I go to the library, the park (not lately, dang winter), and other quiet and solitary places. I learned to stay away from the mall way back when I first began to learn about protecting/sharing energy. There was a time when going to the mall, after leading the life of a hermit, felt like an attack on my senses. There is so much going on! But lately I’ve been spending less time being a person and more time being the witness of things happening, and it seems to resulted in being able to be in that ocean of emotion without feeling drenched myself. Very good.

What's not to love about me though?

What’s not to love about me though?

3. They love me, they really love me.

If you go over to you can sign up for the Illuminate your Heart Whispers e-course. You will receive one email a day that will give you an actionable challenge designed to increase the experience and awareness of love in your life. Saturday’s challenge led me to asking my five closest friends to share five things they love about me. And I’ll be damned if they didn’t come up with some neat stuff. My favorite five are: 1) hand eye coordination 2) honest and genuine 3) priority you place on making others feel welcomed, appreciated, acknowledged, and loved, 4) You are clear and completely yourself, 5) Children are seen and respected by you.

I also enjoyed how a few of their comments were accompanied by the phrase “for better or worse.” Ha!



4. No, I really don’t want facebook

I deactivated facebook over a year ago and have never looked back. But in November I was privileged to be a part of the Soul Caller Training, and once completed, joined the wider Soul Caller Circle that shares lots of love and light on facebook. I use Katy’s account to access the group, and everyone seems ok with that, but I was beginning to feel like there was a wall between myself and these wonderful people who are sincerely offering themselves to one another. So I reactivated my account.

For five minutes.

I realized I seriously cannot deal with fb as it is. I’m not the same person who used to have that account…I don’t know those people…I don’t know what they’re talking about…and most importantly, I don’t need access to any of it because my mind/ego will certainly drift there more often than not. Kyle Cease is right, for the mindful person, fb is the devil.

Well that’s it for now….Katy and I are doing our seasonal detox this week so please pray for us. I don’t know who has it worse: Katy not being able to have chocolate or me having to navigate Katy who’s not able to have chocolate. HA! I kid, I kid…it’ll be a blast. Now I’m off to prepare this spinach salad with poppy seed dressing Lavender Coconut Smoothie.




4 comments on “Things I Learned — March 18

  1. Noel says:

    by the way, is your wife watching the Baseball game (Dominican Republic vs. P.R.)??

  2. Noel says:

    Well, being a husband of a Dominican woman myself, I can understand the pride that this ethnic group has about their cake (which I agree, actually). I also enjoy the “mangu” with shrimp, and the “arroz con pollo” that my wife makes. By the way, I am Puerto Rican, so our cultures are almost identical. 🙂

    • kenajos says:

      whoa all of these similarities between us is outstanding! I dislike ‘mangu,’ to my wife’s chagrin, however I recently came across ‘mangu de platano maduro’ and I am wondering why this is not the main mangu dish because it is clearly better. ‘Arroz con pollo’ is all my wife wants to eat and the only thing her mother ever I knew better I used to ask “so what Ana cooking for dinner tomorrow?” Stupid American.

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