Throwback Thursday! Here’s a Reblog from last year…

Be Beautiful and Dance.

So I’m constantly having ‘aha’ moments while at the gym. Like one time I was hurting while in a plank position and wanted to give up, but I pressed on, at which point I started thinking:

“Self, you really thought that was all you had but here you are still doing it.”

“I know right? That’s crazy.”

“So I guess that means your mind doesn’t really know what your body is capable of huh?”

“Oh. Yeah, I guess.”

“So maybe, every time you want to give up, just hold on a little longer and show your mind it’s not in charge.”

Anyway, not the greatest “aha” moment, but it was something. Well I’ve had a few recurring thoughts while in Zumba that I thought it would be nice for others to know. So today it’s 5 Things I Learned in Zumba about Life.



1. Keep your eyes on the…

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