Things I Learned — Mar 4

Another installment of the weekend in review….


A Breaking Bad Feature Film would've been better

A Breaking Bad Feature Film would’ve been better

1. Argo and Silver Linings Playlist

I was something of a movie buff in previous years but thanks to new lifestyle choices and priorities I don’t get to the theater much at all anymore. I’ve gone from seeing 2-4 movies per week to 2-4 movies per season. So instead of seeing EVERYTHING like I used to, I have to pick and choose my entertainment. When these two movies came out I neglected seeing them because, frankly, I figured I knew exactly what they were about and could probably tell the story without ever seeing the films. But hey, everyone in the world is all “Argo is FANTASTIC.” and “Silver Linings Playbook is REMARKABLE.” At first I was skeptical, I’ve heard it all before…and ever since the Kangaroo Jack “#1 Movie in America” fiasco of 2003, I pretty much refuse to be led astray by the mainstream. But then the Academy Awards came around and Argo wins best picture and word on the street is Ben Affleck was robbed for best director so I says to myself “Self, the movie you think Argo is could not win best picture, therefore you’re probably wrong about this whole situation.” But nope, I was not wrong. The movie was “ok” at best, and once again I am forced to confront how out of touch I am with public opinion.

Silver Linings Playlist on the other hand was really good (not remarkable) despite the fact I could have predicted the entire story.


Keep Telling Yourself That Boss

Keep Telling Yourself That Boss

2. If there are girl scout cookies in the house, I will eat them all. 



3. Fourty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak

A novel about the love story between Shams and Rumi? Count me in!

But wait, it’s also about the love story of a rich yet depressed east coast housewife and some vagabond author? Tsk.

I enjoyed reading half of this book and the other half I was forced to endure. But I was able to takeaway some good metaphorical stories, a couple of nice inspirational quotes, and a glimpse into my possible future.

*hint* I’m Shams to Katy’s Rumi. Which means I’m going to die before her and through the heartbreak of losing the only thing she ever loved in the world, she will blossom into the writer/leader she was born to be. Yup. 


It's the little things

It’s the little things

4. My Wife is Awesome

So I told my wife about that Shams/Rumi theory I came up with after reading the book and she was not pleased. Confronted with the possibility of one day in the future having to live without me, she broke down in crazy tears. I laughed the whole time, which is not as insensitive as it may sound. And then I took a picture to commemorate the event. Which may have been as insensitive as it sounds.

No more sharing my late night death visions with this one!

No more sharing my late night death visions with this one!


That’s all for this week’s edition of Things I Learned. On a side note, My daughter is turning 14 on Thursday so basically I just don’t know what Life is about right now. Some days I still feel like I’m 14…how in the world?



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  1. Kozo says:

    I agree–Argo was just ok. I really enjoyed Silver Linings. I felt a lot of authenticity in the script and acting.

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