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Unanimous Tradition / Tradición Unánime

But, those who are fit for worldly existence, they are living in the midst of ignorance, as though in the midst of thick darkness, being entangled in hundred of fetters, forged by craving for sons, cattle, etc.; considering – (thinking of themselves) “we ourselves are intelligent and versed in the scriptures” – those senseless, non-discriminating people go round and round by following very much the various crooked courses, being afflicted by old age, diseases, etc.; just as many blind people , being led by the blind, indeed, on an uneven road, come to great calamity.

Because of this alone, because of ignorance, the means for the attainment of the other world does not become revealed (to them):

Samparayah  is the other world attainable after the falling of the body; any particular scriptural means leading to the attainment of that other world does not become revealed, does not become serviceable to…

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