Throwback Thursday Reblog

Be Beautiful and Dance.

Everything and Everyone has a story.

As we walk down the street, participating in our own novels, we cross paths with an eternity of unfolding stories. Tales that meet, then part, most often never to meet again.

You can never get a hold of someone’s personal history just by the smile or the scowl on their face. A conversation or two cannot completely reveal the nature of their passions, their visions, or their fears. Crossing paths with one another, story to story, we are just vague answers to each other’s often unspoken questions.

There is this man and this woman…an odd looking pair on paper. He’s outgoing, worldly, flirtatious, a good 10 years older than she, as the story goes. She’s beautiful and conservative, traditional in a cultural sense that his awareness can barely comprehend. They have few things in common, and are opposites in just about every way imaginable…

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