Things I Learned — February 18

I’m going to take some time to review trivial tidbits I learned about various things over the past weekend.


when your Sufi master tells you to stay put, you Stay Put!

1) I finished reading “The Last Barrier,” a book about a man’s journey into the world of Dervishes. The main character/author of the book bothered me so much because he couldn’t follow simple directions and that has always been my pet peeve. But his story taught me the importance of seeing God/Life/Source in everything and being submerged in gratitude. That is a message I had been receiving from various sources right up until picking up the book so I have begun to make it more of a priority in my practice.

fake ass 24

fake ass 24

2) I watched the first season of Homeland. Everywhere I turned people were singing this show’s praises so I figured I’d give it a shot. Man, please! I do not understand what everyone sees in this show. It’s average to above-average at best. And the story lines reach no real conclusion at the end of the first season — a real disappointment. This experience reiterated my previous stance of not worrying about what is supposed to be popular or really good.

That being said, I really need to catch Silver Linings Playbook soon.

a world of hurt

a world of hurt

3) If one person in this house gets sick, then we are all getting sick!

they call it junk files

they call it junk files

4) Completely restoring my iPhone got rid of that “Other” space that haunted me for months. But many things were lost in the process.

Bargain Man is the place to be

Bargain Man is the place to be

5) Whenever I need to buy anything clothing related I really need to wait until we go to Perth Amboy. The downtown area has clothing and accessories for the cheap. This is something I knew already but it was just reinforced on Saturday when I bought a belt for $3.


6) You never know who’s watching. I showed up to our weekly meditation meetup, thinking I would be the only one there but alas a woman arrived saying her daughter heard about the group “on the computer someway,” and told her to check it out. Well I am very thankful for her and her daughter, it was a great experience to share the gift of meditation.

Alright that’s about all I learned from the weekend. What about you? What went down in your world over the last few days?



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  1. Kozo says:

    Saw Silver Linings Playbook this weekend and loved it. The whole film is full of portrayals of real love. Not romantic Hollywood love, but love with all its flaws, trespasses, and forgiveness.

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