A Word From Our Sponsors

This seems appropriate for the day.

You know back in the day they would take a break from a television or radio show by saying “and now, a word from our sponsors.” All shenanigans or drama or intense discussions came to an abrupt halt and we were quickly reminded that none of this would be happening if it were not for the backing of these particular companies…oh, and if you like the show then it is in your interest to support those who contribute to it by purchasing specific products.

Days like to day, when a hurricane or major storm is barreling towards civilization, give me that same sense of pause and reflection.

Conspiracy theories aside, this weather system naturally puts us back in our place. We are now forced to stop, watch, and wonder what life will be like after it passes by. The games of our life, those things we cling to so fervently to define existence — work, school, meetings, story time at the library, etc., — they all come to a halt while we stare out of our windows for a message from our sponsor:

Mother Earth.

Mother Nature.


That which is Really Happening.

Today I get to be a witness to That which is unstoppable, unavoidable and inevitable.

Today I am blessed with knowing the truth of man’s existence: we are not in control. 

WE are the visitors…or the intruders…depending on how you choose to see things. 

And there’s nothing for me to do today but reflect on these beautiful things:

Life + Nature + Impermanence = Truth

it’s a good day for (safely) dancing in the rain….