When Two Zen Masters Meet


“When two Zen masters meet,  whoever speaks first has fallen from his status. Days may pass by; they may

eat together, they may look around at the beauty in the sunset and in the morning and in the starry night,

but nobody is going to say a single word. Not saying a single word and remaining just a mirror…..The

mirror never says anything about the reflection, neither does the lake. The moon may be beautiful, the

moon is reflected the lake should dance with joy. Similar is the case with consciousness. At its ultimate

peak works are left far below, as if you have risen above the clouds. The moment you bring any word in,

you have spoiled the whole communication.

If somebody asks you, “what is truth?”

show him your silence.

Show him your fragrance, show him your love.

Share with him your presence.”


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  2. The Tao that can be spoken of is not the Tao …

  3. I want to, “Say”, after reading this but then I said ,”NAY”, after reading this. If not a thing to say then why even write?

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