Mom’s hug revives baby that was pronounced dead

I’ll give a short recap but here is a link to the full story. If your heart melts at good things or you get goose bumps when hearing about real miracles, then I suggest you read the full story.

Recap: So basically this lady gave birth to premature (27wks) twins. The daughter made it out just fine, but the son was pronounced dead after 20 minutes of trying to get him to breathe. The nurses placed the lifeless newborn on his mother’s chest so the family could get a chance to say goodbye.  A few minutes later the baby does some jerky movements and the parents are like “whoa” but the hospital staff was like “nah, that’s just reflex…he’s dead.” So the parents are more and more coming to terms with him being dead despite him showing increasing signs of being alive. So instead of giving the baby back after 10 minutes or so, they just kept holding on. A little while later, the baby opened his eyes and eagerly sucked breast milk off his mother’s fingers to which his parents were like “WHOA!” But the hospital staff continued with the “nope. dead baby in your arms. Sorry.” So now the parents are asking for the doctor to come back in for another look, but he refuses to do so. Finally they have to fib and say they understand he’s dead but need more explanation about it from the doctor. The lie gets the doctor back in the room, he examines the baby and is all like “I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it.”

My take: This baby got out into the cold world and was like “naw, can’t cope.” But then felt his mother’s warmth and heard the familiar rhythm of her heart beating and figured, “well, I guess it can’t be all bad out here….I’ll stick around…y’all got some more of that breast milk though?”

Let me tell you some things. 

There may be something that has been pronounced dead in your life. Something you have given up on, let go, forgotten about, or dropped out of frustration. There may be something that experts say is impossible, that your family says is unreasonable, that your mind says is unfathomable. I need you to know that if this thing came out of your deepest Self then you have to Hold It To Your Chest for as long as it needs to be revived.  Tell whoever you need to tell “I’m not finished yet.” Look them in the eyes while you say it. Then LOVE that idea, that relationship, that project or that child…..Love it so much that although it looks dead with no hopes of ever being revived, it wakes up again just because you held it so tight for so long.

Yes, you have to let go of a lot of things in this life…I am the first one to tell you that impermanence is a bitch. But there are some things that spring out of the core of your Self that you must never let go.  My marriage is a testimony to the miracle of holding what you love close to your chest despite it seeming dead. When I met my wife 12 years ago, I knew with no doubt who we were to one another. And then life happened, and we made a lot of terrible choices. And so this thing that I knew to be true and real was pronounced dead. Over and over again, dead. Tried to revive it here and there, but it was still dead. Nobody believed in it. No one would vouch for it. How could they? Would you tell your friend or loved one to pine after a dead relationship? Besides, no one else could fix it. In the story above, if that doctor had came back too soon and separated the baby from his mother…maybe the miracle would not have happened. Maybe that doctor needed to stay away, to not believe, so the child could be with the only people who could love it into living.  So no one came to our aid. On the contrary, everyone stood in the way, just like the hospital staff and the doctor, they refused to see something alive when everything indicates it is dead. But we both held this thing close to our chest….I am an eternal witness:


There is nothing too hard for Love. 



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  1. Stepharee says:

    Wow! Just wow! What an inspiring story and what a beautiful application to your own life. This is the first thing I read this morning and I’m so happy I did! Thank you for being you.

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    Wow. That’s beautiful.

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