Dancing is a simple way of saying “Thank You” to Life. It has been said that if “thank you” were the only prayer you are capable of offering, it would be enough. Physically dancing your way through Life is good, but not for everyone I know. When I refer to DANCE I am thinking of a more figurative use of the term. To dance means to move along with Life rhythmically; allowing my emotions, positions, and attachments to rise and fall in accordance with Life’s musical patterns.

As if my soul were slow grooving with God.

The performance we give, being alive, is about intrigue, excitement, surrender, growth, and mastery. Dancing is learning how to let go of the habit of moving against Life. It is about gaining the ability to trust that your steps are already ordered according to Purpose and no matter where you move, you are still with the God of your heart, on beat, and alive. Gloriously alive.

Everything you do is a dance. You dance with your friends, your mates, your many selves, and your faith. The only challenge is bringing that dance into conscious awareness, understanding how whatever is happening Now is part of a Process and is worthy of thanksgiving. No matter how difficult the situation, it is worthy of praise. Regardless of the way my narrow mind sees the present moment, it is worthy of a dance.

These words are dedicated to the Dancers. May all beings Dance.


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