Psalm 122


Rev. Powell used to read this Psalm every Sunday during evening services. I heard it so much as a child that although I haven’t been a church goer in over a decade I can still say the whole thing by heart.

I love how bible verses grow with me as I develop my own understanding of Life. A younger KenJos would not have considered anything other than a church or temple as the house of the Lord. But nowadays I see Life/God/Self dwelling in all things, and I can enter into The Presence with ease in meditation.

This verse fell upon my heart this morning as I prepared to sit in meditation and for a while I felt connected to all beings who are delighted to be in the presence of the God of their heart.

There was a time when I would say there are two things you would not have to ask me twice to do: Eat and Drink!

And then I added a third many years ago: DANCE (duh!)

But now the list has grown to a fourth…I am ready to sit or stand or walk or lie in meditation at any time and in any place…I am glad when you say unto me ‘Let Us Go Into The House of the Lord!


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  1. Kozo says:

    Love the idea of meditation as going into the House of the Lord. Thank you.

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